A name you can trust.

When dealing with compliance, excellence is the bare minimum. Our solutions vary from sales & use tax collection, to property tax collection, to collection on business license fees.

Keep payments

We’ve been a pioneer and practitioner of harnessing technology’s resources since day one.

Compliance made efficient.

Honing all stages of the payment compliance process to be as simple and fluid as possible is our number one priority.


Each product is automated to ensure payments are done correctly the first time, saving time and money.

Our solutions can help you stay compliant with:

Sales & Use Tax

e-Gov Systems collects more than $1 billion per year in payments to local and state sales tax offices via its online return and remittance system, SalesTaxOnline.com.

Fees & Fines

Provide offenders with an easy-to-use & up-to-date payment processing website for traffic citations with e-Gov Systems’ Fees & Fines online solution.

Insurance Premium Tax

Minimize the annual impact of processing insurance premium tax returns and payments. Use our online solution to seamlessly integrate insurance premium tax collection with your other online collections.


Filing and payment sites for business licensing are specially designed for your agency's needs. Minimize the impact of the annual licensing process in your office.

Property Tax

Property owners using PropertyTaxOnline.net can look up and pay taxes and fees almost effortlessly, speeding up a jurisdiction’s collection processes.

Utility Payments

Need to collect non-tax payments? e-Gov Systems’ Utility Payments collection portal allows customers to pay utility bills online.

Why choose e‑Gov Systems?

The answer is as simple as 1, 2, 3...
  1. Solutions

    e-Gov Systems has created a diverse set of cloud-based Solutions that can easily and efficiently ensure taxpayers are in compliance with local taxing and business licensing laws. Our file and pay solutions were developed from the ground up to automatically calculate the necessary rates for compliance, freeing taxpayers and collectors from the stress of manual number crunching.

  2. Security

    With any financial data solutions connected to the internet, Security is of paramount importance. That’s why we employ an array of sophisticated systems-wide authorization and authentication procedures that protect the integrity of the data collection, processing, and delivery components.

  3. Support

    e-Gov Systems has built a solid reputation nationwide not only as a developer of software solutions, but also as a provider of direct and instant client Support on all of our applications. We understand what is expected from government agencies by taxpayers when it comes to the heavy demand of reliable tax compliance solutions. That’s why we are dedicated to providing the highest level of support by using a call center operated on-site at e-Gov Systems’ headquarters.